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Business Connections & Referral Service                        

Don't take chances, get aligned with business service providers that you can count on!

At Business People Connection, ask Lita to help you connect to the business services needed.  Through Lita's Business Market Network, you gain access to diverse experts able to assist with a variety of business objectives including:  event planning, website design, brand marketing, marketing communications, operational support, staff recruiting and more!  

For your convenience, our Business People Directory identifies business service providers that place customer satisfaction first:  Associates and Preferred Vendors.

Our referral service makes available Executive Referrals recommended personally by Lita.  

Become a member ... 

At no cost, we offer strategic marketing consulting to help identify the business service providers that excel in your business objectives.  We're focused to offer quality connections that can meet your needs.
  • At Business People Connection we work with only your requirements at the forefront.  Therefore, our goal is your desired outcome.  By leveraging Lita's Business Market Network, you gain a fluid directory of businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with varied expertise able to assist diverse business objectives. 
  • Our process is based on your parameters.  First we get to know and understand your needs.  Then we review our online Business People Directory* to select Associates, Preferred Online Business Service Providers and Exec Referrals so that you have great options to consider.  You'll quickly recognize the value of Lita's Business Market Network.

Just 4 steps to your valued connection ...

  1. Strategic Marketing Consulting
  2. Business People Directory Search
  3. Designated Assessment
  4. Business Service Provider Alignment

*There is no cost to receive basic information about businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals listed within our Business People Directory, and there is no cost for Lita's Business Market Network of business service providers to list their basic contact information within our directory.  At Business People Connection, we take pride in our efforts to advance essential relations!

Take a look at just a few of the business services that we can connect:  

  •    Mobile Marketing
  •    Customer Loyalty Programs
  •    Accounts Receiable Support
  •    Marketing Communications
  •    Web Design
  •    Logo Design
  •    Search Engine Optimization
  •    Social Media Community Management
  •    Event Planning
  •    Entertainment Services (music, comedy)
  •    Speakers/Trainers (business strategies, organizational change, motivational)
  •    Gift Services Planning & Delivery
  •    Bookkeeping Services
  •    Marketing Planning
  •    Blogging

If the business service you need is not within our Business People Directory, we'll conduct a search to locate the source needed to assist with your goals.  

  • Save Your Time

Save your time by utilizing ours.  We are happy to make a Business People Connnection on your behalf and ask the questions required to determine whether the business service provider can truly meet your needs.  We conduct the search and make inquiries so that you don't have to.

Get Connected

We look forward to getting started and working to ensure that your business service needs are met.

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