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Business People Directory

Business People Directory is a virtual business directory of *Lita's Business Market Network including businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the United States and abroad. 

The directory is your business market connection to quality business service providers. At no cost, the online business service directory lists diverse businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals offering a variety of business services.  We worke to maintain a fluid directory of business service providers to match the client changing needs.  Referrals are made available by business service providers desginated as Exec Referrals by Lita.  

Business People Connection recognizes businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals known for employing Customer First Processes as a result of customer testimony, industry acknowledgement or as witnessed personally by Lita or by someone she trust.

Associate Recognition

Associate designated business service providers have been noted for customer first standards of excellence.

Preferred Recognition

Preferred designated business service providers have been noted for online customer first standards of excellence.

Exec Referral

To receive Executive Referral designation business service providers have to consistently demonstrate customer first standards of excellence while witnessed by Lita Williams personally, or by someone she trusts.  Lita only endorses business service providers designated as Exec Referrals.


How are clients are aligned with business service providers?   

When clients request a Business People Connection, the full Business People Directory and Lita's Business Market Network is referenced to align the Business People Connection appropriate to meet client objectives.  We work to provide connections to viable choices for client consideration.  There is no cost for clients to receive strategic marketing consulting to align business service providers within the requested parameters.  Whenever possible, a minimum of three business service provider options are provided.  

Unlike those large online directories, Business People Connection remains small enough to provide actual connections and referrals, yet we're large enough to provide a wide range of expertise for immediate client consideration.  

If the business service you're in need of is not within our current directory, then under the direction of your executive consultant, Lita Williams, we'll work to identify other resources for help.

Note:  At Business People Connection, we provide our clients with business service provider connections at no cost. 

*Lita's Business Market Network:
Also known as BMN, invites quality businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals, to be included within Lita's network at no cost and at no cost provides marketing when BMN members share business tips, tools and helpful information within our communication platform.  Find out more