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At Business People Connection, you gain strategic marketing consulting, project management support, staffing solutions and a diverse business network of business able to assist with a variety of objectives.


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Business People Directory & Free Services

Lita's Business Market Network provides an online directory for business connections with diverse expertise and customer first business service providers able to assist you with:  bookkeeping, graphic design, lighting design, event planning, web design, motivational speakers and more!  Whatever business service you need, ask Lita.

For your convenience, our directory desgnates business service providers that offer customer first processes.  Learn more:

Member Premium Services

Business  Ask Lita to help develop your communities.  For each monthly purchase, you get 10 hours of focused efforts to build your online presence including social media best practices and public relations support to help manage your brand. 

Entrepreneur  Ask Lita to help advertise your skills and business services through brand promotion.  For each monthly purchase, you get 8 hours of brand strategy and tactical coaching for success.   

Professional  Ask Lita to help develop your online profile.  The service includes 7 hours of image and brand management coaching along with Linkedin best practices. 

 Member Premium Service Pricing


Customized Services

Marketing  Ask Lita to help strengthen your marketing efforts. Lita consults with you to develop your market plan for success.  The service includes brand strategy and development as well as digital marketing and supporting tactics that can propel your marketing results. The service is provided as a per project one off cost arrangement.

Advertising  Ask Lita to help build advocates for your brand with strategic marketing efforts. The service includes online brand image design and email marketing program development. The service is provided as a specified duration cost arrangement.

Operations  Ask Lita to manage your projects and your brand.  The service includes project management and makes available staffing solutions to ensure that your brand is consistently aligned with your vision. The service is provided as a per project one off cost arrangement.

Project Management Support  Ask Lita about roject planning, monitoring, communication, cost estimation, schedule development and vendor managment.  The service is provided as a per project one off cost arrangement.
Staffing Solutions provide temporary staffing needs for projects, events, admin and customer service.  The service includes interview support and recruiting to assist your management personnel needs.  Cost arrangement is flat or referral percent fee based.