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Lita Williams, Marketing Strategist Executive Consultant Business People Connection llc

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Lita Williams, a marketing strategist by trade, assists businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with brand marketing and more.  For more than ten years, Lita has worked as an executive consultant in diverse industries and is best known for strategic engagement, strategic messaging and aligning disconnects to advance essential relations for sustainable growth.  With expertise in brand development, brand management and business development, business people count on Lita to meet objectives.  

Helping businesses:  Lita assists businesses within the full spectrum of marketing by engaging strategically, managing and coordinating various projects that help develop customer relations and differentiate customer service value for multiple distribution channels.  Lita has also helps businesses gain staffing solutions, and continues to assist small to mid-size and large businesses with brand positioning, competitive strategy, lead generation and marketing communication.

Helping entrepreneurs and professionals:  Lita Williams provides marketing consulting and frequently responds as a brand coach for entrepreneurs and corporate professionals in a variety of industries.  Lita helps entrepreneurs and professionals to strengthen brand management processes, along with presentation skills including verbal and written communication.  

Leverage Lita's Business Market Network:  Lita's business network provides network member advantage for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals:  

  • Free advertising
  • Premium member services
  • Customized services

Industry work includes:  technical, entertainment, health & wellness, hospitality, retail, banking and nonprofit

Project assignments include:  

  • marketing strategy planning 
  • marketing campaign management
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • marketing communications
  • public relations support
  • brand management
  • professional career management
  • strategic messaging utilizing both traditional and online tactics
  • social media content development and management
  • website design strategy 
  • website content development
  • organizational performance transformation
  • creative merchandising
  • staff management
  • customer service training
  • recruiting
  • consultative sales training
  • accounts receivable management
  • payment acceptance policy design
  • employee benefits consulting
  • sales process design
  • vendor management
  • event planning and management
  • community outreach activities
  • project management support
  • lead generation
  • customer relationship management

Leverage Lita's network and diverse expertise.  Truly, whatever business service you need, ask Lita.

Lita Williams, Executive Consultant Marketing Strategist

Business People Connection llc