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Getting to know you - My Answers
Lita Williams
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Executive Consultant
Getting to know you in business: Where do you provide the business services that you offer: If you offer business services, do you offer store front services? Do you offer business services online? If you offer business services for hire, would you travel to provide business services, if so, any restrictions?
I offer primarily online services with onsite consulting and management services available for select businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals by appointment only. I travel often, but prefer to remain within the US and Canada with no more than 50% of my time traveling.
Please list and share information regarding any business services you provide; clarify online versus onsite. Include, and if relevant describe, whether you offer or would offer discounts.
My business: Business People Connection llc, is a marketing firm providing strategic consulting, management and advertising services along with a business referral directory of quality business service providers.
Comment about your industry expertise and/or work experience. What values describe the manner in which you engage professionally or what differentiates your business from the competition.
My industry experience is diverse with more than ten years as an Executive Consultant engaging operational management skills and the full spectrum of marketing. As a result, I developed advanced competencies in marketing strategy for brand development, brand management and business development. Along with management responsibilities for employer relations throughout the years, I also worked as an independent contractor consultant from 2/2001 - 6/2010 assisting individuals and various entities with brand marketing and management goals. From 6/2010 - 12/2010, I transitioned consulting efforts to further my business reach in developing essential relations needed by businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with the establishment of Business People Connection llc. Presently, as an Executive Consultant making available strategic marketing consulting and management services along with a business referral service, I continue to work with businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with various objectives.
As you know, we help connect business people to the business services needed. Whether marketing, staffing, project management or other business assistance is needed, is there any business service that you would like help with?
My diverse business acumen, strategic aptitude and attention to detail helps to differentiate the services made available through my company, Business People Connection llc. With a significant history as an Executive Consultant and Corporate Manager, I have hands on work experience supporting a wide range of business initiatives. As an added value, I leverage a growing list of vendor relations, project management skills and a wealth of staffing solutions to benefit clients. I work directly with clients providing strategic consulting and personal/professional management services to help meet client objectives.
Do you provide online training related to your field of expertise? If so, would you like to link your services to our site?
My mother for her tireless work ethic and my father for his unwavering confidence in efforts to develop relationships, as well as people with humble hearts for they remind me not to hurry, that life is a gift, love is my comfort and that each day brings the possibilities of a better yesterday.
Getting to know you personally: Who inspires you and why?
Whether business meeting or vacation, I'm impressed most by customer service and complimentary ambiance with aligned accommodations. I recall a business meeting in Cancun, Mexico at the Casa Megna Resort. The experience was refreshing. Exquisite can only describe the attention to detail and the business amenities.
We share information about exceptional products and service experiences through out our Business Market Network. Share your favorite service experience at a business meeting place, with a business professional or a business product. Can't think of anything recent? Consider your last vacation accommodations or restaurant experience. Include any details that can help people connect to what impressed you the most and why.
I'm impressed with businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals extending without expectation. The recent connection I've made with you and others that I've noted throughout my networks provides testament.
What is next for you professionally?
Since my hobby and my work are my pleasures, I look forward to continuing both. As a hobby, I write under an assumed name and have been inspired by the venues I've tested in social media to display my words. In work, learning about others to assist with advancing essential relations for commerce is simply fun that I'm happy to engage every day and moving forward.