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About Us

At Business People Connection, we assist diverse client objectives by leveraging a vast business network of business service providers known for placing customer satisfaction first.    

Our vision:       to be the leader in advancing essential relations

Our mission:    to successfully align the business services needed

Our method:     organic relations, networking & advertising

Our clients:       people in need of quality business services and products

Our members:  businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals


Value Proposition:

  • Business Service Referral Strategic Alignment

  • Business Service Provider Brand Marketing Assistance


Service Differentiator:  Lita Williams, your executive consultant

Marketing, Management, Business Experience and Success


Need a Business People Connection?

Become a Client

Promise to our clients, we offer strategic marketing consulting to connect viable business service providers that can meet your objectives.  You gain free services and access to premium and customized services too.  Check out our valued services, including project management support and staffing solutions.  

More about our Business People Directory

At Business People Connection you get connected to a wide variety of business service providers offering: graphic design, stage/video/art and commercial lighting design, website design, marketing communications, meeting facilities, motivational speakers & more!   

Why request a Business People Connection?

You can save your time by allowing us to locate the business service provider that can best meet your needs.  No need to comb through multiple directories.  

At Business People Connection, we work so that you don't waste your time. Whatever business service you need, allow Business People Connection to conduct the research, identify the most suitable business service providers for your consideration and align the business services you need for success.


Offer a business service?

Become a Member

Do you offer a quality business service or product?  Become a member of our network.  As our clients request business products and services, we review our business network of quality businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to connect the provider available to assist client objectives. Clients request connections and referrals from our Business People Directory because we invite business service providers known for customer first processes. Learn about our Customer 1st Recognition: Associate, Preferred & Exec Referrals.

About Lita:
Lita Williams has provided marketing consulting and management services since 2001, and is known for marketing strategy and strategic engagement that ensures successful outcomes.  

With the online launch of in 2010, Lita continues focus development of a quality business network known for placing customer satisfaction first.  

Business People Connection llc under parent company di ACCENTO is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  Lita's Business Market Network presence extends throughout the United States and abroad.  

Lita continues to make the needed difference for individuals and businesses.  With hands on support, owner of Business People Connection Lita Williams, works to advance essential relations.  


Exec Referrals are endorsed by Lita. 

Lita's Business Market Network includes business service providers known for quality within industry networks.  Referrals are provided by Lita only.  Listed in our online directory as Exec Referral, this designation is based on Lita's personal observation of business service providers offering excellence in customer service or as a result of the awareness of customer first service by someone Lita trusts.  Need a referral, note our directory listing designated as Exec Referral.

For more information,

Our entrepreneurial and professional business service provider connections work as Independent Contractors These "vendors" require no employee benefits, nor employer responsibilities to consider, which helps clients avoid long-term employee obligations and saves money!

Do you need help growing your business?
At Business People Connection we align "Vendor Room" resources to assist businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with specific growth objectives. Inquire: