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Akira Hirai (California )
Business Owner - Business Plans
Alan Kitty (New York )
Actor, Writer, Event Speaker | Mark Twain Impersonator
Andre Mealy (Michigan )
Cost Estimator - Automotive
Andy Lau (China )
Recruitment Manager
Ankit Mohan (India )
Event Management | Social Media Marketing
Aza Lemmer (Netherlands )
Law Student
Azar Alzadeh (Michigan )
Executive Referral
Business Owner - Oriental Rugs
Beryl Stajich (Michigan )
Business Owner - Program Development
Billi Pate (Ohio )
Pedorthist - Footwear Specialist
Bob Killian (Illinois )
Business Owner - Brand Strategist
Brandi Watters (Ohio )
Unit Counselor - Disabilities
Brandon McGill (Oregon )
Business Owner - Search Engine Marketing
Brent Britton (Florida )
Legal - Emerging Business | Intellectural Property & Corporate
Brian Ebersole (California )
Business Owner - Outbound Marketing
Bruce Bixler (Illinois )
Social Media Advisor
Bruce C. (California )
Software Product Management & Marketing
Carlton Walker (Michigan )
Engineering Program Manager
Carol Gould (Michigan )
Business Owner - Photographer
Carolyn Walker (Oregon )
Executive Referral
Law - Labor
Cecilia Domeyko (Washington D. C. )
Producer, Writer, Director
Cedric Farris (Michigan )
Management Consulting - Social Media
Cendrine Marrouat (Canada )
Journalist - Social Media
Chandi Nagaraj (Washington D. C. )
Internet & Network Marketer
Charlotte Davis Levine (California )
Executive Referral
Business Owner - Bookkeeping
Chase Sherman (California )
Social Media Manager
Christine Perkett (Massachusetts )
Business Owner - PR, Social Marketing, Digital Branding
Clynton Taylor (California )
Connie Jackson (Michigan )
Executive Referral
Insurance Agent
Craig Prentiss (California )
SEO & PPC Expert | Director of Search Engine Marketing
Dan Rust (New York )
Sales Training
Danielle Soc-Lopez (Oregon )
Employment Specialist
David Brown (Canada )
Quotation Specialist - Wholesale
David McDermit, ACB (Illinois )
Dennis Bartok (New York )
Film Production | Screenwriter
Dennis Stafford (California )
Executive Referral
Marketing Director
Dick Reed (California )
Business Owner - Marketing & Advertising
Dina White (New York )
Publicity - Entertainment
Donna Lewis (Washington )
Employee & Labor Relations Specialist
Donna M. Joseph (Michigan )
Business Owner - Marketing & Advertising Consultant
Doug Taber (California )
Business Development Consultant | Linkedin Profile Writer | Trainer | Speaker
Douglas Glenn Clark (California )
Drew Gerber (Georgia )
Public Relations & Communications
Duncan Harmsworth (Michigan )
Web Designer
Elaine Tselikis (Oregon )
Director Development & Communications | Nonprofit
Erik Deckers (Indiana )
Business Owner - Professional Blogger, Social Medial Consultant
Ferdie Williams (California )
Executive Referral
Architecture Design - Construction Facilities Management
Fifehanmi Bankole (Nigeria )
Management Consulting
Gavin Head (North Carolina )
Business Owner - Online Marketing, Social Media, Lead Generation, SEO
Greg Burnett (Oregon )
Marketing Consultant
Gregg MacMillan (Ohio )
Relationship Marketing - Print & Mail
Guy Cirinelli (California )
Corporate Video Production
Heidi Vaeth (California )
Account Manager - Online Media
Holly (Winn) Willner (California )
Brand Strategy | Graphic Design
Howie Appel (Florida )
Corporate Recruiter | Career Coach, Resume & LinkedIn SME
James Mai (California )
Entrepreneur - Strategic Consultant
James Williams (California )
Marketing Strategy Consultant
Jason Baudendistel (Missouri )
Linkedin Consultant | IT Consultant
Jason Forthofer (Georgia )
Internet Marketing Manager
Jay Holt (Florida )
Writing & Editing
Jeffery Lakes (California )
Merchant Services
Jeffrey David Terrell (Michigan )
Technical & Sales Support
Jennifer Young (Michigan )
Senior Account Executive | Corporate Compliance Officer
Jeremy Pepper (California )
Public Relations | Social Media
Jerry Hampton (Michigan )
Executive Referral
Musician - French Horn
Jim Dickie (Colorado )
Managing Partner - Market Research
Jinous Samil - Saremi (California )
Project Manager - Construction Management
John Regan (California )
Management Consulting - Business Channel Development | Sustainability
Jonathan Nandakumar (United Kingdom )
Business Administration | Printing
Josh Egelston (California )
Digital Media Sales Guru
Karen Stafford (Minnesota )
Independent Agent - Small Business Employee Benefits
Katherine (Strong) Nosrat (California )
Contract Administrator - Aviation & Aerospace
Kathleen Potts (Michigan )
Master Tax Advisor - Tax Preparation
Kathy Dean (Colorado )
Business Owner - Staffing & Recruiting Industry
Kelli Kapp (Michigan )
Adjunct Speech Communication Instructor
Kendell Murphy (Michigan )
Marketing Analyst & Coordinator
Kendra Lee (Colorado )
Business Owner - Sales Trainer
Kenneth Varga (New York )
Business Owner - Marketing
Kevin Perry (Colorado )
Business Owner - Marketing Consumer Communications
Kristen Hicks (Texas )
Copywiter | Online Marketing Consultant
Larry Adeyemi (Washington )
Sustainable Environment - Renewable Energy, Utility Strategic Planning
Lee Dworshak (Hawaii )
Business Owner - Web Hosting & Design
Leon E. Spencer (Tennessee )
Small Business Marketing | Mobile Marketing
Linda Sawyer (Michigan )
Executive Referral
Technical Account Manager - Healthcare
Lisa Alderson (California )
Technology | Internet Ventures
Lisa Rothstein (California )
Copywriter - Screenwriter | Marketing Consultant | Business Coach
Mac Byrd (New York )
VP Marketing
Manuel Cortez (California )
Social Media Manager
Marc Danziger (California )
Technology - Social Media Strategy & Implementation
Marion E. Gold (Arizona )
Writing & Editing
Martine Hubbard (California )
Executive Referral
Artist | Graphic Designer
Mary Ann Capo (Michigan )
Michael Burns (Massachusetts )
Digital Media Account Executive
Michael Grebennikov (Belarus )
Software Development - Traditional & Mobile
Michael Raysor (New York )
Public Relations & Communications | Entertainment Consulting
Mike Shields (California )
Business Owner - Film, Motion Picture Consultant
Nancy Sielaff (Michigan )
Executive Referral
Natasha Guimond (Michigan )
Natassia Williams (Indiana )
Executive Referral
Graphic Designer
Nick Stamoulis (Massachusetts )
Business Owner - SEO & SEM Expert
Pat Boyer (Michigan )
Independent Contractor - Sales and Marketing | Event Coordinator
Patrick Soules (US )
Member Benefits Director
Paul Helm (Michigan )
Business Owner - Talent Search
Paul Park (California )
Director of Performance Management
Pavel Laczko (United Kingdom )
Marketing Research Analyst
Phyllis Miller Zimbler (California )
Business Owner - Internet Marketing
Pooja Kinra Bishnoi (Singapore )
Product Manager
Prabha Gupta (India )
Business Owner - Publishing
Preston Rahn (Colorado )
Business Owner - Mobile Marketing
Raquel Jefferson - Herron (Arizona )
Sales Manager - Insurance
Raw Jazz Man (California )
Executive Referral
Certified Raw Chef
Ray Perry (Georgia )
Marketing Consultant
Rebekah Welch (Colorado )
Brand Exposure Strategist | Publicist | Speaker
Rich Grehalva (Alabama )
Management Consulting
Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda (California )
Publicity - Entertainment
Ruth Mossok Johnston (Michigan )
Sandy Simmons (California )
Executive Referral
Professional Singer | Health & Wellness Coach
Scott Statson (California )
Shelly Kamran (Washington )
Group Account Manager - Management Consulting
Sherry Mealy (Georgia )
Executive Referral
Business Owner - Graphic Design
Simon T. Bailey (Florida )
International Motivational Speaker | Professional Training & Coaching
Sramana Mitra (California )
Strategy Consultant - Technology | Consumer Marketing
Starzette Grate (Georgia )
VP Senior Operations Management
Stephanie Tilton (Massachusetts )
B2B Content Marketing Consultant
Steve McLelland (California )
Global Engineer | Oil & Energy
Steven Nichols (Nevada )
Social Media Consultant
Susan Payton (California )
Executive Referral
Business Owner - Marketing Communications & Public Relations
Susan Weinstein (New York )
Public Relations Specialist
Tatiana Zamir (California )
Executive Referral
Dance & Massage Therapy
Therran Oliphant (New York )
Strategic Accounts Manager - Integrated Marketing Communications | Data Currency Mobile Ad Optimization
Thomas Shannon (New Mexico )
SEO Strategist
Tracy Pattin (California )
Video Journalist | Producer
Van Cephus (Michigan )
Business Owner - Music Industry
Wendy Williams (Michigan )
Creative Web Content and Social Media Strategist
William T. Cooper (Texas )
Facebook Marketing Expert
Yasmin Bendror (New York )
Social Media & Marketing Consultant
Dave Colling (Minneapolis)
Digital Media Specialist
Rajeev Yadav (India)
Digital Marketing
Abbi Yeboah (New York)
Design & Brand Development
William Dannenberg (Illinois)
Social Media
Miriam Davis (California)
Event Planning
Terri Dunevant (North Carolina)
Sales Trainer, Coach & Consultant
Andrew Gazdecki (Michigan)
Automotive Design Lead
Kanyesigye Devious (Africa)
Travel Management
Henry Gregor (Oregon)
Change Management Consulting
Tim Butler (Oregon)
Pushpa Alexander (United Kingdom)
Event Management & Training
Tara Craig (California)
Marketing Business Development
Eric Knopf (New York)
Graphic Designer
Shawn Adkins (Indiana)
Deborah Estrin (Florida)
Consumer Services
Amanda Vega (Arizona)
Social Media | PR | Marketing Planning
Lori Apalategui (California)
Marketing & Advertising
Angela Novotny (California)
Ellen Abrahams (New York)
Recruiter - Advertising
Paul Abrahamson (Illinois)
Commercial Real Estate
Carla Ackley (South Carolina)
Management Consulting
Kathy Adams (Florida)
Consumer Goods
Larry Adeyemi (Washington)
Project Manager - Renewables & Environment
Arif Adam (Washington)
Talent Acquistion Consultant - Health
Naghmeh Ahmady (Michigan)
Dennis Aiken (Oregon)
Marketing | Computer Tech
Julia Alai (New York)
Matt Albanese (California)
Lisa Alderson (California)
Entrepreneur - Technology
Marty Aldrich (Idaho)
Sumi Alexander (India)
Production Controller
Nassem Alizadeh (California)
Francine Allaire (California)
Revenue Strategist
Bjorn Anderson (Oregon)
Design Scout
Sahar Andrade (California)
Management Consulting
Dennis Andrew (South Carolina)
Marketing & Advertising
Ken Andrzejewski (Arizona)
Consumer Goods
Denise Angrisani (Georgia)
Christian Aniciete (Oregon)
Marketing & Advertising
Aziza Ansari (California)
Management Consulting
Livia Anzaldo (United Arab Emirates)
Lifestyle Coach
Howie Appel (Florida)
Amy Austinson (Oregon)
Recruiter - Health
James Palmer (Canada)
Marketing - Direct Mail, Online
John Smith (California)
Digital Marketing
Chris Johnson (Oregon)
Cost/Fixed Asset Accounting
Shel Horowitz (Massachusetts)
Marketing & Advertising
Lisa Marie Dias (New York)
Online Marketing Strategy
Jason Falls (Kentucky)
Social Media | PR | Communications
Lora Crestan (Canada)
Professional Training & Coaching
Rick Falls (Florida)
Small Business Development Consulting
Joseph Leo (Fiji)
Sales Manager
John Thomas Chepyha (Canada)
Cold Calling Coach
Sanjay Kumawat (India)
SEO Consultant
Tiana Von Johnson (New York)
Real Estate
Marvin Brock (CA)
Exec Referral
Stress Management Consulting & Instruction
Rick Polson (MO)
Marketing & Advertising
Sylvia Lafair (PA)
Leadership Consultant
Ioannis Gedeon (London)
Jack (Oregon)
Heating & Cooling






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Encore Production A Success!

Moonlight Reflections 

Performed at Barnsdall Gallery Theater Los Angeles, CA




"Join me at the encore event, Moonlight Reflections by Tatiana Zamir.  I was so taken by Tatiana's first production.  I found the performance full of honesty and amazing creative talent. With only a glimpse of Tatiana's poetic skills that I had come to know prior to the event, I was not at all prepared for the depth with which she embraces dance and the commandment of her choreographic skills that communicate such extraordinarily powerful and intimate thoughts. Tatiana's production is absolutely intense, uplifting and beautiful; a definite must see for Tatiana's language of love, trials and hope in dance speaks to everyone with a child, a mother and a father.  I truly thank Tatiana for allowing my family to share in her wonderful expression."


Lita Williams, Executive Consultant



As a dancer/choreographer, Tatiana has been involved in several highly proclaimed productions.  Moonlight Reflections marks her first self-produced dance theater show.


Tatiana believes in creating spaces for empowerment and healing.  Her daily commitments surrounds the healing power of dance, exploring ways to cope, restore, and even flourish through life's most challenging experiences.

With the foundation of movement as a healing tool, Moonlight Reflections is a rare blend of storytelling and dance, combining autobiographical solos alongside collective community issues through group choreography.

A graduate of UCLA World Arts and Cultures, Tatiana trained in various forms of dance from all over the world, Tatiana studied at L’Ecole de Sables, in Senegal, West Africa, and traveled to Alaska, Bulgaria, Argentina, Uruguay, Namibia, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, and Cuba as a member of the One World Dance Company.

She has danced with Contra Tiempo, an urban Latin dance theater company in Los Angeles, the Marshall Dance Company, (honoring the legacy of Katherine Dunham,) Flesh & Blood, a dance theater project exploring issues of HIV/AIDS for the WAC Make Art/STOP AIDS initiative, and Santa Monica College's Folklorico and Synapse, for which she choreographed three dances: Strange Fruit, Hidden Place. and Disconnected Channel. Adding to her credits, she also choreographed and performed at UCLA, Was It You? for the 2005 Student Festival of Works and presented Noble Am I for her senior project and the WAC SMASH concert in 2006. She has trained under such artists as Ron Brown, Robert Gilliam, Liam Clancy, Peter Carpenter, Nzingha Camara, Maria Gillespie, Rennie Harris, Jeffery Paige, Karen McDonald and Babacar N’Diaye.


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Robyn Hatcher, author and communication skills expert, knows the importance of communication for both daily living and achieving success in business.  Founder and Principal of SpeakEtc., a boutique communication and presentation-skills training company, Robyn has helped thousands of business professionals improve their presentations and conduct successful interviews and interpersonal communication.  Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, academics and human services professionals.

In her book, Standing Ovation Presentations, Robyn shares a complete presentations skills guide that contains a unique communication-style system called ActorTypes.  Prior to founding SpeakEtc., Robyn worked as a professional actress, appearing on stage in New York and in television commercials and dramas.  She also served as a writer for two daytime dramas:  All My Children and One Life To Live.  

Listen in as Robyn describes how she overcame extreme shyness as a young child to helping people reach goals through processes that strengthen communication skills.

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I'm working to develop a new informative and social website.  The site offers opportunities to get and provide scoops of information for inspiration, healthy living, leisure activities along with career and business tips for sharing.  

Though the site is still in the development phase, check it out get some scoops and share with your friends too.

- Lita

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