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Business People Connection - Executive Referrals 



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• Raw Jazz Cafe 
• Nata2sia Designs
• Liz Lighting Designs
• Healthy Living Instruction
• Graphic Design
• Stage and Theater Lighting


Raw Jazz Cafe 

Ferdie Williams, aka Raw Jazz Man


What can you find at Raw Jazz Cafe?  Ferdie's guidance and options for getting healthy inside and out!  As found at many cafes, Raw Jazz Cafe offers a variety of selections for your appetite.  However, unlike traditional cafes, Healthy Living Consultant Ferdie Williams, aka Raw Jazz Man utilizes a cafe concept as a way of helping people with diverse appetites develop healthy recipes for the mind, body, spirit and home.  Offering tips and helpful information with a little classic jazz to lift spirits, Ferdie helps people develop a cafe to satisfy individual tastes.


Raw Jazz Cafe Instruction Series

"Basic Instruction helps individuals define the path needed to move forward."

Knowledge is power

Teach a person about that which can improve life, and living life can become within reach.  The class discusses healthy eating options and provides tips on healthier choices.

The journey begins

Class participants are instructed to develop a plan of action based on individual goals.  For some the goal is simply to include more healthy choices and for others embracing raw food is the goal.  Whatever the plan, class participants are encouraged to define and begin their path.

House cleaning

The class discussion focuses on methods for removing obstructions.

Lift your spirit

The class highlights the importance of a positive attitude and how to develop the support needed for achieving goals.

Essential tools

The class focuses on the tools needed for long-term commitment to becoming healthier.


Full Meal Preparation includes vegetarian and vegan meal suggestions with raw food meal preparation instruction for seven days including snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Enjoy making organic raw almond milk to accompany the granola prepared by your hands.  You can trust that it will be healthy and delicious!"



Healthy Living

Mind + Body + Spirit + Home = the alignment needed for healthy living inside & out.


Healthy Living instruction takes what has been learned in Basic and Full Meal Preparation to practice with coaching for living healthy through is consumed and the spaced used for living.  The instruction is customized to assist individual goals established during Basic Instruction along with additional Full Meal Preparation coaching and tips to help improve overall alignment between the mind, body, spirit and home.



Price Schedule:

The instruction series can provide up to four classes per topic.  The length of the series is dependent upon the goals established by each participant.


Basic Instruction

$25.00 per student.  The forty-five minute class discussion covers information about healthy food choices and more.  


Full Meal Preparation

$65.00 per student.  The class offers one hour for hands on instruction and participation.  Students are required to supply the tools and food needed per individual goals established during Basic Instruction.


Healthy Living

$75.00 per student for each hour scheduled.  The instruction provides individual in home coaching and discussion.


Payment policy:  Each series requires advance payment of four classes.  Cash or PayPal is accepted.  Cancellation is available at anytime.  Refunds are prorated and processed within thirty days. Class schedules can be adjusted to better accommodate instructor or participant availability.  Classes rescheduled by the instructor will receive an automatic 20% discount.  Classes rescheduled by participants are not eligible for refund.  Each series can include up to four classes.  During times when less than four classes in a series are available, scheduled participants will receive a refund within ten business days to reconcile the payment to the cost of instruction made available in each series.

Sibyl Fenwick & Raw Jazz Man (Ferdie Williams) 

Los Angeles Food & Wine Show


Designs by Natassia

Branding Designs

From conception to strengthening your existing design, Natassia will start from scratch and advance your project with ease.  Cost depended per project.


Marketing Communications

Providing blog management and content to increase website activity, our executive referral engages per client specific industry with tactics that work.  Cost depended per project.

Search Engine Marketing 

SEO Services

Utilizing more than just search words, our executive referral employs the latest strategies to enhance website performance.  Cost depended per project.


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